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Madonna's 17 Madame X Shows In New York Are More Than 90% Sold Out, So Everybody Chill

Theres a few thousand tickets left. So f---ing what? says promoter Arthur Fogel of Live Nation.Want to see Madonna's Madame X show in New York? No problem. As of yesterday there were about 3,000 tickets available to one of her 17 shows at Brooklyn's Howard Gilman Opera House. Same for her shows in Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia and Miami -- fans can still buy tickets directly from the "Medellin" singer through Ticketmaster for all 48 shows on her intimate Madame X theater tour stops in the U.

S. That's normal. A lack of sellouts for what some would consider a once-in-a-lifetime experience doesn't mean that's Madonna's tour is "tarnished" as the New York Post claimed yesterday. Similar things were said about Taylor Swift's Reputation tour, which went on to be highest grossing U.

S. tour or 2018, as well as Jay-Z, whose 4:44 tour was the highest grossing of his career.The truth about Madonna's ticket sales are more complicated than a Page Six headline and foreshadow changes to the way tickets are priced and sold that will ultimately reshape how the music industry views success in touring.

In Madonna's case, on Monday, Live Nation released about 3,000 unsold tickets to the public that hadn't sold during her initial presale. Madonna sold 31,000 tickets during the presale for her 17 New York shows and the tickets left over represent 8.8% of available ticketing inventory for the New York run.

With exactly three months to go until the first show on Sept. 12, there's little doubt the iconic artist will sell the remaining tickets says Arthur Fogel, chairman of global music and president of global touring at Live Nation, which is promoting the tour. So why is the media piling on like Madonna has been cancelled if she has sold more than 90% of her tickets for the New York shows?"In life, the only guarantees are death, taxes and the New York Post takedown piece on Madonna," jokes Fogel, who has battled the tabloid over its negative coverage of her tours going back to 2008's Sticky and Sweet Tour.

(That tour was described as a flop by the Post and to this day holds the record for highest-grossing tour by a female artist with $408 million in ticket sales.)"We started with seven shows" for Madonna in Brooklyn, Fogel says, "then added five more to get to 12 shows then added another five to get to 17.

I'm adding shows because it's a flop? Is that some kind of new business model that I'm not familiar with?"In fairness, Madonna's tickets prices are part of an even evolution in how concerts are priced, although the Queen of Pop has always charged more for tickets than her contemporaries.

. For decades, an artist's ability to quickly sell out shows has been the barometer of success, although as the secondary market matured, artists are increasingly realizing that it usually wasn't fans that created instant sellouts. It was brokers. And in recent years.....

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