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Express.co.uk poll: Which world leader would make best UK Prime Minister - VOTE HERE

Theresa May stepped down as Tory leader last Friday, finally succumbing to months of pressure and criticism of her Brexit deal. The withdrawal agreement she struck with the European Union has suffered three crushing defeats in the House of Commons, and a fourth attempt to put it back before MPs was abandoned after it became clear she still didn’t have enough support for it.

Mrs May will continue in her role as Prime Minister until a new Conservative Party leader is elected at the end of next month.This poll is now closed. Related articles
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We forced May out! Longworth hails major Brexit Party influence Boris Johnson is the bookies’ favourite to become the next leader of the Conservative Party, and is odds-on at 1-2 with Coral as he continues to attract strong support in the betting.

The former Foreign Secretary is also set to receive a 140-seat majority in the Commons if elected as party leader, a ComRes poll commissioned by The Daily Telegraph has claimed.The poll quizzed 2,000 voters, with more than a quarter (27 percent) believing Mr Johnson has what it takes to become a good Prime Minister.

It anticipated that if a general election were to take place with the former Mayor of London at the helm, the Tories would secure 395 seats, Labour would get 151 - a drop of 111 seats - and the Liberal Democrats would get 26.READ MORE Boris Johnson leadership campaign launch - what did Boris say about Brexit?
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co.uk poll asks you which world leader would make the best UK Prime Minister (Image: GETTY)At the last general election, Theresa May secured 317 seats, needing the eight DUP seats to back the party in a confidence and supply agreement to hold on to power.Dominic Raab would also nab the Conservatives the largest number of seats in a general election as party leader with 269, but they would be 57 short of a majority.

But Brexit has seen a huge crisis of confidence sweep across Westminster, with confidence in our politicians’ ability to manage Britain’s departure from the EU dwindling as a result.Express.co.uk is asking our readers which of these high-profile world leaders could potentially be the best UK Prime Minister? Related articles
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Bojo has a clear message but must avoid chaos – EXPRESS COMMENT
Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel are under huge pressure in their respective countries (Image: GETTY)EU figureheads - German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron - have been coming under intense pressure of their own in their respective countries over recent months.

.Ms Merkel stood down as leader of the CDU party at the end of last year, and will quit as Chancellor in 2021, as she has struggled to stop Germany’s economy sliding towards recession, primarily as a result from global trade wars blowing huge.....

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