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Vanessa Williams Says She Was Asked to Lose Weight for 'Eraser': 'I Considered Lipo'

Vanessa Williams can relate to Kyle Richards and the pressure to lose weight in Hollywood.Appearing as a guest host on "The Talk" on Wednesday, Williams spoke about her own experience with extreme dieting after the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star revealed her battle with anorexia as a teenager.

For Kyle, she said she was told to lose weight as a teen actor and got to a point where she was just 99 lbs. "I remember times when Id say, Im only gonna have six almonds today. Thats all. Thats what Im gonna have," Richards said on her Bravo show. For Williams, she said a similar thing happened to her after she had given birth to her third child.

Kyle Richards Reveals She Was Anorexic at 17 View Story "I was asked to come in to meet for Eraser with Arnold Schwarzenegger," she explained, citing the 1996 action movie in which she starred.

"As a singer, its a matter of how well you sing, not if I can fit into the outfit. So, I wasnt used to being judged by how skinny I was. I remember being asked by the producer, Well, wed like you to lose some weight.""I literally went on a diet. I considered lipo, just to be able to be on screen," she continued.

"I lost a lot of weight. I did a lot of cardio. I did a lot of Pilates and I havent been that thin since. I got really skinny."Williams noted that "growing up in the black community, being curvy is celebrated," but the pressure regarding weight is even worse for those coming up now, thanks to the popularity of social media.

"Ive got 4 kids, my youngest is 19 and shes on her phone all the time looking at stuff thats filtered and trying to achieve something thats almost unachievable because everyones either doctored themselves or starving themselves," Williams said. Sheryl Underwood had the perfect button for the conversation.

."For me, theres nothing you could say to me about my weight that would cause me to extreme diet," she said. "I dont care what you say and to quote the great Tyra Banks, if you say anything you can kiss my fat ass!""The Talk" airs daily on CBS. ..

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