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Minecraft Dungeons hands-on: A shameless Diablo clone—and better for it

LOS ANGELES—The years between Diablo II and Diablo III were ripe with isometric, dungeon-action clones, all trying to feed gamers next-gen hunger for click-and-loot adventures. That era has long passed, but now that Ive played Minecraft Dungeons, I wish I could go back in time and drop Mojangs very solid Diablo-like game into that late-00s fray.

Theres really no getting around it: this is Diablo through a Minecraft prism. The 20-person team behind this Windows 10, Xbox One, Switch, and PS4 game admits as much, calling Blizzards legendary series one source of inspiration, certainly. But after name-dropping other modern co-op games like Vermintide and Left 4 Dead, the Mojang developers at E3 2019 made one point emphatic to Ars Technica: We want to make sure this is Minecraft.

No classes—and it’s classy It sure looks like Diablo, and Mojang doesnt seem to mind. Mojang Well cross that bridge when we come to it.

Oh, there it is. The bridge. No shortage of mobs to face in Minecraft Dungeons.

When you need to unlock a door in Minecraft Dungeons, youll have to find and carry one of these cute, pesky suckers.

The living key blinks and squirms while you carry it, and itll hop off your back whenever you take damage (and even hop on foes backs instead).

The games handsome engine looks great in real-time action.

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