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The Ford Ranger is an excellent midsize pickup truck — here are its best features (F)

At Business Insider, we avidly anticipated the new Ford Ranger, which is actually a built-in-America version of a global pickup that Ford has been selling outside the US. The Blue Oval is already super-strong in full-size trucks — can you say F-150? — and back in the day, the Ranger was a popular starter pickup.

In 2019, the entire pickup-truck market is driving US sales, and the midsize offerings are much improved over the little pickups that used to cover this segment. Theyre really more like shrunken-down full-sizers, and where Chevy (as well as GMC, with the Canyon) and Ford are concerned, the idea is to offer a solid hauler thats simply more compact than a big boy.

. Weve sampled pretty much everything the market has to offer on this front, so a key question was, What does Ford bring to the party with the new Ranger? The answer is a great truck, with some great features. ..

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