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Huawei can't unseat Samsung's without US software and chips - CNET

Huawei isnt just in trouble. Chinas premiere maker of Android phones and networking equipment is in the kind of trouble that could break its business and detonate its ambitions of surpassing Samsung to become the worlds largest phone brand by 2020. Despite being banned from working with US companies, Huawei is confident its phone business will continue to grow without the help of Google, Microsoft and chip-designers like ARM.

After being temporarily suspended from the Wi-Fi Alliance and SD Association, Huaweis chances arent looking so hot.Following an executive order signed by President Donald Trump, Google, Microsoft, Intel, ARM and other US companies that supply software and hardware components to Huawei have cut ties with the Chinese brand, effectively hobbling its supply line for future phones (existing devices will still receive Google security support, for example.

) Trump has said that reuniting Huawei with its US business partners -- which also include consultants as well as components-makers -- may be part of a trade deal with China.
Huaweis phone showing has been on an upswing, but that could change if Trumps ban stays put. Angela Lang/CNET Most of the companies that provide consulting services to Huawei are based in the US, including dozens of companies like IBM and Accenture, Huaweis founder and CEO, Ren Zhengfei told Chinese mediaThe actions against Huawei stretch back to 2012 and highlight the heightened role that technology brands play in the strained trade relationship between the US and China, two countries that see 5G networks as pivotal to their success as world powers.

Huawei is the largest maker of 5G networking software in the world.Heres a look at the ways the brand is affected and how Huawei could possibly attempt to go it alone if agreements between the two nations arent resolved.Read: Everything you need to know about the Huawei controversy
Now playing: Watch this: What is going on between Huawei and the US? 4:59 The Huawei ban: What its phones cant haveTrumps executive order against foreign adversaries, including Huawei, rests on the fear that Huawei could be compelled by the Chinese government to use its telecommunications equipment (which helps make 5G networks) to spy on American companies and citizens.

.Huawei and Honor brand phones (and hybrid laptops like the MateBook series) fall into Huaweis consumer business group and are affected by the ban, along with dozens.....

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