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Jamie Carragher posts phone number on Twitter - fans convinced it’s Gary Neville’s

Liverpool legend Carragher responded to a tweet from bookmaker Paddy Power who said they were reopening a market on when Carragher would post a video of his pal Neville missing an easy chance in a Manchester United legends game against Bayern Munich.Carragher replied by saying: “I’m in Turkey & I can’t find the clip! Send me it someone Pleaseeee!!”He then added: “07966045319 just WhatsApp me.

”Shocked followers were then certain he was attempting to play a prank on Neville by handing out his personal number to the public. Related articles
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Watch Sir Alex Fergusons hilarious reaction to Gary Neville miss “Haha defo Gary’s number,” said one person on Twitter.

“Is that Gary Neville’s number,” another asked.A third said: “That Gary Nevilles phone number?”A fourth noted: “It aint Carras number as he says hes in Turkey but it rings with a UK dial tone lol. Got to be @GNev2 number.”
Jamie Carragher responded to a Gary Neville miss on Twitter by positing a mystery phone number (Image: TWITTER/BT SPORT)
Neville missed a simple chance in a Manchester United legends game against Bayern Munich (Image: BT SPORT TWITTER)
Neville could not believe he had missed the chance (Image: BT SPORT TWITTER)Another onlooker thought they would chance their arm by calling the number.

Some were angry at Carragher and advised him to take the tweet down.“I hope thats a burner phone or someone may have gone too far again,” said one.Another added: “Thats disgraceful to put somebodys number up.”
Carragher then responded to a tweet from Paddy Power about the miss (Image: TWITTER)
Carragher then posted a mystery phone number that people think was Nevilles (Image: TWITTER)“I just called the number and it picked up no one was talking for about 40 seconds,” they said.

Carragher later replied to a tweet from someone who asked if he might have been drinking.The former defender said: “I’m f****d! Delete that tweet for us mate.”He then posted a video of Neville’s miss with a caption that read: “No one wants to grow up and be @GNev2 except Phil.

.”Despite Neville’s miss, United went on to win the game celebrating there treble win in 1999 5-0 thanks to goals from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Dwight Yorke, Nicky Butt, David Beckham and Louis Saha...

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