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Tory campaign chiefs accused of ‘stitch up’ to fill safe seats with Remainer liberals

An email went out from the candidates office asking candidates to apply for the winnable seats just an hour after Theresa May had announced her departure timetable. The constituencies include safe seats Bosworth in Leicestershire, Anna Soubry’s seat Broxtowe in Nottinghamshire, Nick Boles’ Lincolnshire seat of Granford and Stamford, Heidi Allen’s seat South Cambridgeshire, Sarah Wollaston’s Totnes seat in Devon and Montgomeryshire in Mid Wales.

Others on the list are target seats Cardiff North, Reading East and Gower which were until recently held by the Tories. Related articles
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The move comes amid allegations made privately by Tory MPs and candidates that the candidates office, which has been run by Gareth Fox throughout David Cameron and Theresa May’s leadership, has blocked many Brexiteers from getting seats and tried to fill safe seats with liberal candidates.Leading Brexiteer and North West Leicestershire MP Andrew Bridgen, who has previously made it clear he believes there should be “a clear out” in Tory central office, last night demanded that the selection for seats is suspended until a new leader is in place.

Sarah Wollaston, left, and Anna Soubry have safe seats (Image: getty)In the 2017 election pro-Brexit members of the European Parliament David Campbell Bannerman and Daniel Hanan were blocked from running in Westminster seats but the pro-Remain MEP Vicky Ford got a safe seat.He said: “It looks very suspicious that an email was sent out just an hour after Theresa May said she would go.

.“This looks like they are trying to fix the candidates for safe and winnable seats before a new Brexiteer leader is in place.“These selections need to be suspended until the new leader is elected and decides who he or she wants to run CCHQ.” ..

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