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Brexit Party warning: France fears Nigel Farage win will cause ‘big headache’ in Brussels

The newly created Brexit Party is well ahead of its rivals in the opinion polls and is tipped for sweeping success at the ballot box. Mr Le Maire said: “When you have Nigel Farage at more than 35 percent of the vote that won’t be easy for the European Union to manage. “How long do we continue like that?” France has previously warned that it would not tolerate repeated extensions of the Brexit deadline and has said it hopes the European elections in Britain will jolt its political parties into reaching a deal on leaving the EU.

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French admits fears that Brexit will spread to Europe AND cripple EU The longer this process lasts is neither good for Britain nor the European UnionBruno Le MaireMr Le Maire said: “I consider that the British people decided to leave the European Union and the faster Britain leaves the better.

“The longer this process lasts is neither good for Britain nor the European Union.“When you push back endlessly it’s toxic and that’s what’s going to happen.“When a separation lasts too long it stops each member of the couple from calmly rebuilding their life. “It’s exactly the same for nations.

Nigel Farage could cause the WU a big headache (Image: REUTERS)Mr Farage said the Brexit Party will demand places round the UK EU negotiating table if it comes top in the elections.Speaking at a packed rally in Kensington, west London, Mr Farage said if his party tops the polls, representatives “must join the EU negotiating team”.

The former Ukip leader also speculated that wins for the Brexit Party could have an impact on the leadership of the two main Westminster parties.Mr Farage told 3,000 supporters: “We will quickly get rid of the worst prime minister in the history of our nation.
French finance minister Bruno Le Maire (Image: GETTY)“You never know, given the way we are smashing the Labour vote in Wales and the Midlands, a big Brexit win might get rid of Jeremy Corbyn as well.

.”The Brexit Party tops opinion polls with a seven-day rolling average predicting it will take home 34 percent of the vote...

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