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During terrorist attacks, too many rules are stopping British first responders from saving lives

An alarming trend has developed in recent British terrorist attacks: With the exception of the police, first responders are kept away from where they are needed. Consider the ongoing inquest into the 2017 London Bridge terrorist attack. The BBC notes that The inquest has heard that the scene of the attack was deemed a hot zone under London Ambulance Service (LAS) protocol, which prevents paramedics from entering for their own safety.

This led three mortally injured victims to be left without medical treatment as they bled out. Why werent police officers at least able to escort the medics to the victims? A similar experience occurred a few weeks earlier when a suicide bomber attacked young party-goers at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.

There, because of poor leadership in the police and fire services, the fire service was kept away from the attack site for 2 hours. How many lives might have been saved with better decisions? In another 2017 terrorist attack, a number of police officers locked themselves in a car as one of their own was stabbed to death by a terrorist.

They had the standing order to do so due to health and safety concerns relating to officers without protective equipment. This contrasts with the immense courage shown by officers like Wayne Marques and armed response officers during the London Bridge attack. The trend extends further back in time.

During the July 7, 2005, suicide bombings, for example, brave firefighters had to breach protocols to enter bombed-out subway trains. They were not supposed to descend to the tracks until a number of safety checks on power lines etc. had been carried out. Fortunately they chose to save lives rather than obey idiotic rules.

. Regardless, this growing list of failures speaks to a trend the U.K. must address. Responding to terrorist incidents, Britain needs to give its first responders more discretion to take risks. ..

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