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Galaxy S10 5G speed tests on Verizon's fastest network: Our first results - CNET

Six weeks ago I came to Chicago to test Verizons then-day-old 5G network for the first time (it launched April 3). The results were... mixed. Now Im back to see how fast Samsungs Galaxy S10 5G can be, on the same network. This story will evolve throughout the day as I rack up more tests on the Galaxy S10 5G loaner phone that Samsung flew out here to provide to reviewers like me.

On the whole, I expect similar test results on the S10 5G to those I got using Motorolas Moto Z3 and 5G Moto Mod back in April (mostly speed benchmarks using the Speedtest.net app). There are also some small-yet-significant ways I expect this experience to be not just different, but hopefully better too.

First, theres the phone, the Galaxy S10 5G versus the Motorola Moto Z3 with a 5G Moto Mod. Then theres the experience, in which Samsung and Verizon are setting expectations. Finally, theres Verizons 5G network, which the company says is being built out day by day. (To skip straight to the 5G test results, scroll down.

Ill be updating this as I go.) While real-life experience on Verizons 5G network is still limited because the technology is so incredibly new, carriers around the world are hungry to get their commercial networks up and running. 5G data speeds represent a profound shift for the industry, promising exponentially faster download speeds on your phone that can make AR and new camera features come to life.

The ultrafast data transfer also paves the way for next-generation capabilities including remote surgery, connected security cameras and cars and buses that talk to each other on the road to reduce accidents and help keep lanes clear. Carriers that can build out the most robust networks first believe theyll have an advantage over rivals for signing on new subscribers.

Impressions from the Galaxy S10 5G tests Were off to a good start. Hot damn, this is like a whole different 5G network #Verizon #GalaxyS105G #SpeedTest pic.twitter.com/7LgIVq9Pf0— Jessica Dolcourt (@jdolcourt) May 16, 2019 Read: How to see 5G networks where you live Testing the Galaxy S10 5G with Verizon Last time I did this Verizon 5G test, I had high hopes of logging benchmarking speeds using Speedtest.

net. But I also wanted to see how long it would take to download Netflix videos and big apps such as PUBG in a 5G world. Unfortunately, everything but the benchmarking test was a disappointment, mostly because those other servers controlling the content werent optimized for 5G download speeds.  It was a lesson for everyone, myself included, because it demonstrated how young this network is.

In other words, expect change in inches, not miles. The 5G future is still coming and you may need to wait awhile to see all the speeds weve been promised. 


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