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Mother sticks out her foot to trip son’s nine year-old basketball rival

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a webbrowser thatsupports HTML5videoA meddling mother stuck her foot out to try and trip a nine year-old boy playing against her son at basketball.The competitive parent could be seen trying to topple the youngster during the 10 years-old and under game in Rocklin, California, on Saturday.

Her shameless attempt to sway the game failed, but she was called out after others claimed she had told them to elbow children from the rival side in the face.Eugene Solano, director of the Cornerstone Basketball Academy team who the woman targeted said: ‘One of the kids during one of the timeouts had said, ‘Hey coach, there’s a parent on the sideline, it’s a woman you know, I think she’s wearing a pink hat.

AdvertisementAdvertisement‘And she’s telling their kids to elbow us in the face.’
The pink hat-wearing mother can clearly be seen sticking her leg out under her skirt as the boy dribbles past, in an attempt to trip him up. Thankfully, she failed to topple him (Pictures: Fox40)A subsequent scan of video footage showed the woman, whose son played for Folsom Elite Basketball Academy, trying to trip the young player.

Her appalling behavior was condemned by Solano, who told Fox40: ‘Is this a specific incident that occurred with this particular parent and are there other parents who take child or youth athletics this seriously where you would actually attempt to harm a child?”A spokesman for Folsom Elite Basketball Academy said the woman had been spoken to, but refused to say what, if any action had been taken against her, citing privay.

He said: ‘We have been made aware of the video and we have addressed the situation with the parent involved directly.‘It is our policy to manage all disciplinary matters in a way that is effective and productive so we can eliminate incidents in the future.’The mom has also been barred from returning to the venue where Saturday’s game was played.


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