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Yemen Airstrikes: 6 Killed, 2 Russian Women Among Injured

Intense air strikes target airport in Yemen capital File Image | (Photo Credits: Getty images) Sanaa, May 16: As many as six people lost their lives while several others, including two Russian women, were wounded in airstrikes carried out by the Saudi-led coalition in a residential area here on Thursday.

The coalition warplanes which hit the residential area at the intersection of Rabat and Rakas streets in Sanaa were being controlled by the Houthis, Sputnik reported. The air strikes came after the Houthis, backed by Iran, claimed responsibility for drone attacks on Saudi oil installations on Tuesday.

The Saudi-led coalition issued a statement informing Yemen about the start of an operation against the Houthi militia targets in Sanaa. The coalition has also urged civilians to avoid places where Houthis facilities are located. On May 14, the Houthis claimed responsibility for drone attacks on Saudi oil facilities, calling it the largest military operation conducted by militants since the start of the armed conflict in Yemen in 2015.

 Suspected US Airstrike Kills 3 Al-Qaeda Operatives in Yemen. The attack caused a fire and minor damage to one of the pumps of Saudi Aramcos cross-country pipelines. The company stated it had halted crude oil traffic via the pipeline as a precautionary measure. In a statement cited by Al Jazeera, Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih had called the drone strikes a cowardly act.

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