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Dwayne Haskins Worried About Khalil Mack, I Don't Want Him To Hit Me!

The Bears and Redskins dont play until week 3 this season ... but the matchup is already in Dwayne Haskins head -- cause he says hes legit concerned about being hit by Khalil Mack!!!The Washington rookie QB was out at LAX Wednesday night ... when he was asked which player in the NFL he is the most worried about.

Without hesitation, the drafts No. 16 overall pick said, Khalil Mack is somebody I would not want to be touched by!Bad news for Dwayne? Thats probably going to happen ... and its probably going to happen VERY early in his career.The Skins and Bears are set for a Sept. 23 matchup at FedEx Field ... and with the Redskins already hoping Dwayne begins the season as the starter -- Macks likely going to be gunnin for him.

Hope the pads are strapped on tight!!!By the way, Haskins was also asked for his thoughts on Kyler Murray and all the drama surrounding the QBs height ... and Dwayne thinks its all going to be just fine for the ex-OU star in Arizona!!!



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