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The best hair dryers you can buy

No matter how many curling wands or straighteners you have in your arsenal, you need to have a quality blow dryer in the mix as well. It dries hair quickly, can tamp down frizz better than any styling product, and depending on your dexterity, can also help straighten or curl your hair. Hair styling aside, we bet it can also probably make a grilled cheese pretty quickly.

However, finding a good hair dryer can be easier said than done — especially with all the beauty buzzwords surrounding it. If youre searching for a new hair dryer, youre likely running into words like ionic, infrared, and tourmaline, and you may be wondering if youre participating in a scientific discovery rather than finding a simple beauty tool thatll just dry your hair in a few minutes.

Before you throw up your hands in frustration, weve picked out five of our favorite hair dryers so you dont have to worry about making the wrong choice. Weve also broken down some terms that are helpful to know along with all the things you should really be looking for in a hair dryer that go beyond the buzzwords on the packaging.

Hair dryer terminology Youll come across a lot of different words when it comes to the marketing of a hair dryer. The trick is to know which ones are legit, which are marketing buzzwords, and which are up for debate when it comes to effective hair styling. An ionic hair dryer shoots out negative ions that break up the positive ions in water more quickly, preventing frizz and speeding up drying time.

Tourmaline is a semi-precious mineral that also produces negative ions, though its n normally used to coat the interior of a hair dryer barrel or grills. This one is potentially tricky — The Wirecutter found little difference in their testers hair when testing hair dryers that claimed to be ionic.

However, some hair stylists swear by this feature, saying that an ionic dryer does reduce frizz and even makes the hair shinier. If a hair dryer is called infrared, it means that it uses long energy wavelengths to penetrate the hair deeply, making for a faster drying time compared to non-infared dryers.

Similarly, ceramic and porcelain dryers are designed to do the same, but these materials can also result in more even heating for a more consistent temperature to protect your hair from damage. And what about fancy terms like conditioning beads and silk proteins that claim to be housed in the barrel of some dryers? Some things really are too good to be true.

The more outrageous the terms, the more likely they are to be marketing hype. The features that matter
Shutterstock/Dmytro Zinkevych All the marketing mumbo jumbo aside, there are features that youll want in a hair dryer, especially if you plan on using it often. Design and weight: You want a dryer thats comfortable to hold, avoiding awkwardly placed buttons if possible.

. A lightweight dryer is best — especially if you have thick hair that may take a little more time to dry. No one wants to feel.....

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