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World's most mysterious text cracked

For 600 years it has steadfastly refused to give up its secrets and has beaten some of the worlds most brilliant brains, including Alan Turing.Experts variously claimed that the Voynich manuscript - known as the worlds most mysterious text - contained codes, magic spells, alien messages and even communist propaganda.

Eventually most agreed that it was either impossible to solve or else written in gibberish as an elaborate practical joke.But a linguistics expert from the University of Bristol has now cracked it - and it took him just two weeks.Dr Gerard Cheshire worked out that it was written in a dead language - proto-Romance - and then by studying symbols and their descriptions he deciphered the meaning of the letters and words.

He discovered that the manuscript contains information on herbal remedies, therapeutic bathing and astrological readings about sex, matters of the female mind and parenting.Scroll down for video 

Within the manuscript there is a foldout illustrative map, provided here, that provides the necessary information to date and locate the origin of the manuscript.

Vignette A illustrates the erupting volcano; B, depicts the volcano of Ischia; C shows the hows the islet of Castello Aragonese and D, represents the island of LipariIt was written in accordance with the Catholic and Roman pagan religious beliefs of the time and has been carbon-dated to around the mid-15th century.

 Dr Cheshire discovered that it was compiled by Dominican nuns as a source of reference for Maria of Castile, Queen of Aragon, who is the great aunt to Catherine of Aragon.  RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 2 Next
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Indoor air pollution is 3.5 times worse than outdoor air... Share this article Share There are also images of Queen Maria (1401–58) and her court conducting trade negotiations whilst bathing as well as many other images of naked women bathing.

 It demonstrates that the spa lifestyle was highly regarded as a form of physical cleansing and spiritual communion, as well as a general means of relaxation and leisure. Also within the manuscript is a foldout illustrative map that helped Dr Cheshire to date and locate the origin of the manuscript. The map tells the story of a rescue mission, led by the Queen of Aragon, to save the victims of a volcanic eruption in the Tyrrhenian Sea in 1444 off the western coast of Italy.


This figure shows two women dealing with five children in a bath. The words describe different temperaments: tozosr (buzzing: too noisy), orla la (on the edge: losing patience), tolora (silly/foolish), noror (cloudy: dull/sad), or aus (golden bird: well behaved), oleios (oiled: slippery).


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