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Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon: Which Late Night Talk Show Host...

The late-night talk show game has been seriously ramped up by the likes of Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon. Both of these hilarious guys have fan bases that overlap, but there are also people who tend to pick favorites. Although they have each found plenty of success, we can\u2019t help but wonder: Which of these hosts has the higher net worth? Jimmy Kimmel (left) and Jimmy Fallon | Kevin Mazur\/Getty Images Both men have built similar careers Kimmel and Fallon essentially have the same job: They\u2019re both late-night talk show hosts who get paid to make us laugh by making light of current events and other hilarious endeavors.

Kimmel hosts Jimmy Kimmel Live! While Fallon hosts The Tonight Show. Both have branched out to make appearances in movies or television shows beyond their own show, and the two appear to get along well. \u201cMy only complaint about Jimmy Fallon is the first name: Jimmy,\u201d Kimmel once said in an interview.

\u201cPeople get us mixed up all the time.\u201d Besides the beef about the same name, the two actually get along well. Jimmy Kimmel net worth: $45 million Kimmel\u2019s career started before he was even out of high school. He had a position on a radio show that aired on University of Nevada at Las Vegas\u2019 radio station.

He hopped around several radio stations before getting involved with Comedy Central in the late 1990s. Working with the channel was what eventually drove him toward his own late-night talk show. In January 2003, Kimmel was given his own show, Jimmy Kimmel Live! (though it isn\u2019t actually aired live anymore).

The show faced a few scandals now and then, including when it was briefly pulled from the air in 2004 after a comment Kimmel made during the NBA championship. However, Kimmel has mostly remained in society\u2019s good graces and is a widely respected comedian. His impressive career has built him an estimated net worth of around $45 million.

Jimmy Fallon net worth: $45 million Fallon knew from a young age that he wanted to pursue comedy full time. He dropped out of college in 1995 to move to Los Angeles, where he instantly started booking shows. In 1998, Fallon landed a role on Saturday Night Live, and he was featured on the show up until 2004.

He tried to break into the movie scene in the 2000s, and was the starring role in \u201cFever Pitch\u201d alongside Drew Barrymore. However, he fared better in the comedy world, so he stuck to it. In 2009, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon made its debut, and Fallon was the host up until 2014, when he then took a job as the host of The Tonight Show (the show was formerly hosted by Jay Leno).

Fallon, like Kimmel, has become a widely respected comedian and has a net worth that\u2019s estimated to be very similar to Kimmel\u2019s at $45 million. https:\/\/www.instagram.com\/p\/BIJHVS2Dvo8\/?hl=en The two men have always been friendly. Despite the similar net worth, Fallon has a higher salary \u00a0 Although Kimmel and Fallon have similar careers and similar net.


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