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Everything we know going on at Goldman Sachs

Heres what we know about whats going on inside of Goldman right now, from its growing digital wealth business, to shakeups in its inner ranks. Consumer banking/wealth Goldman Sachs execs are opening up about their plans for Marcus, and they think it can do to banking what iTunes did to the music industryGoldman Sachs partnership with Apple could move it a step closer to being a bank branch in your pocket Human resources is the next battleground for Wall Street wealth advisers as Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs jockey over new turf Goldman Sachs has a novel method for predicting the next economic slump, and its at the heart of its hot new business Technology Goldman Sachs CEO just warned that the banks big tech bets might not pay off as quickly as people hope Goldman Sachs is scrapping a homegrown email app it once touted — and its a sign the bank is moving away from building tech in house Goldman Sachs is exploring plans to create a Netflix for data, and it marks a new frontier for Wall Street Goldman Sachs internal idea factory hatched a plan for the Google of Wall Street, and its now looking for the next big thing to disrupt the bank Goldman Sachs big bet on the future of Wall Street had a rocky start.

Heres the inside story of the banks struggle to grow its next business and an exclusive look at its plans Goldman Sachs just bought a one-person startup, and its betting it could change the day-to-day lives of its bankers Trading Goldman Sachs is cutting about 5% of sales and trading staff after senior equities leaders delivered a tough town-hall talk Goldman Sachs is moving away from a tool championed by its former CFO as it pushes its traders to see clients where they once saw quick wins Goldman Sachs is shuffling its top stock trading executives as the business tries to claw back market share from Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Goldman Sachss bond trading unit is still trying to find its way — and it represents a key challenge for new CEO David Solomon A small team of traders at Goldman Sachs made $100 million betting on natural gas — and it could be thanks to a bomb cyclone driving prices to a record level Goldman Sachs is ditching near-term plans to open a bitcoin trading desk, instead focusing on a key business for driving Wall Street investment in crypto Goldman Sachs has created a new team to take on high-speed traders like Virtu and Citadel Securities at their own game Deals Its good to be Rich: Meet the Goldman Sachs banker who has built a private investing empire that goes head-to-head with Blackstone — and youve probably never heard of him Goldman Sachs is considering a shakeup of its alternative investing units as part of a plan to simplify the banks strategy A senior Goldman Sachs fintech banker was about to join JPMorgan — but then got lured back —and its another sign of the fierce battle for M&A talent Goldman just promoted a star tech banker close to Tesla and Microsoft to co-head one of its.


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