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Queen star Adam Lambert latest single New Eyes – WATCH and listen HERE

He may be touring with Queen this year following the success of Freddie Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, but Adam Lambert also has his very own new album on the way. Announced last week, New Eyes is the next single from his fourth record Velvet. Fans can watch the music video that was launched last night here.

A departure from his previous work, Lambert’s New Eyes is certainly a homage to the classic rock of the 1970s – perhaps inspired by taking on Mercury’s songs with Queen. Related articles
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Speaking of New Eyes, he said it’s very rocknroll, decadent seventies”.The new single, which is released today, was co-written by Lambert and Paris Carney.Commenting on the video, one fan said: “Both the song and video are gorgeous! Its always fantastic to see something new from Adam Lambert!”
Queen star Adam Lambert latest single New Eyes – WATCH and listen HERE (Image: YOUTUBE/AL)While another added: “LOVE you Adam Lambert, LOVE your new song and 150% LOVE LOVE LOVE your new style, especially your hair-YUM fvckin YUM!!!!!And one said: “Adam! This is such a killer hit! And the visuals of this MV!!! Your singings DIVINE and you look gorgeous!!!”Lambert recently took part in a new documentary film called The Show Must Go On: The Queen + Adam Lambert Story, which aired on ABC in the US.

In one scene Lambert responds to fans who complain he’s not Freddie Mercury. Related articles
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Adam Lambert tours with Queen from this summer (Image: AL)On stage, he tells an audience: “I know some of you out there are thinking, ‘He’s no Freddie Mercury, though.

.’“No sh**. There will only be, for all of time, one rock god, Freddie Mercury.“Thank you for giving me a chance.A UK release date for the documentary is yet to be announced...

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