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Boxing news: Fans FUME at Justin Hodges fight after former Rugby League player’s brutal KO

Boxing news: Fans were not happy with Justin Hodgess fight after a quick stoppage (Image: GETTY)The former Rugby League player triumphed in under a minute against Troy McMahon at The Star, Sydney.Former Aussie international Hodges knocked out his opponent inside just twenty seconds, landing a number of combinations which saw the referee call an end to the contest.

McMahon was sent tumbling into the ropes after being caught and as he stumbled backwards, Hodges landed a flush uppercut to finish him off.As he struggled back to his feet, the referee had seen enough to wave it off. Related articles
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Boxing news: Tyson Fury issues Anthony Joshua and Wilder challenge Fans took to Twitter to express their fury at the mismatch, with some even claiming it had shamed Australian boxing.

“This is the problem with Australian boxing anyone think they can be a professional boxer,” one fan claimed after McMahon was stopped.Another said: “Just watched Justin Hodges ‘boxing match’. This is why Aussie boxing is a joke. Gigantic mismatch and not even close to a contest.

What a sham.”A third joked: “Justin hodges can I be the next s*** guy you fight please?”
Boxing news: Former Rugby League player Justin Hodges beat Troy McMahon inside 20 seconds (Image: GETTY)
Boxing news: Australian fans were not happy with the bout and Justin Hodges was booed (Image: GETTY)“This is an embarrassment to #boxing did they drag #justinhodges opponent from the local #Maccas carpark? #TszyuCamilleri,” a fourth added.

Some members of the crowd began to boo the 36-year-old when he walked back to his corner.But Hodges claims he is used to dealing with criticism after spending over 15 years in the NRL, stating he did nothing wrong.I dont care about the crowd, the crowd doesnt bother me. Ive spent 18 years playing the game of rugby league, Hodges said.

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Boxing news: It was only Rhys Hodges second boxing match since turning pro from Rugby League (Image: GETTY)They are the one booing, but they should get in the ring and have a go themselves.

.It is gut wrenching, and an empty feeling, you train hard and you want to have a good fight.I didnt have any bad feelings towards him, he took the fight at late notice when a few guys pulled out and he could have been like everyone else too...

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