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The Best Competitors to Every First-Party Google App and Service

The Best Competitors to Every First-Party Google App and ServiceBrendan HesseToday 9:30amFiled to: GoogleFiled to: GoogleGoogleGoogle ChromeGoogle PlayGoogle Play StoreGoogle AppsSamsungAppleMicrosoftOpen Source9SaveEditEmbiggenSend to EditorsPromoteShare to KinjaToggle Conversation toolsChange in-article videoGo to permalinkPhoto: Ingo Joseph (Pexels)Because of new EU anti-trust laws, Google is legally obligated to show its users apps and browsers from its competitors.

But here in the US, there are no such rules, and Google doesn’t have to fill you in on similar products that may be available from other companies. Don’t worry, though—we went ahead and found that information ourselves.Below, you’ll find picks from major competitors like Mozilla and Microsoft, as well the best open-source options.

We’ve also included some Apple apps and services for completion’s sake, but some are iOS or macOS only and we’ve made note of that where necessary. Since many Apple users still use Google’s services, we thought it was worth highlighting what was available on their devices as well.AdvertisementHow to Track Every Google Service and App That's Shut DownIt’s trite to remind people of Google’s notorious track record for killing off its apps and…Read more ReadWe also have a guide on how to completely quit Google that covers everything from alternative apps and services, to ridding Google from hardware and operating systems.

But since the goal of that piece is a complete separation from Google, we made this quick list of common alternatives to Google’s popular first-party apps for reference.Chrome FirefoxOperaEdgeChromiumSafari (iOS and macOS only)Google SearchDuckDuckGoBingGmailThunderbirdTutanotaProton MailOutlookiCloud Mail (iOS and macOS only)You’ll find even more choices in our roundup of the best Gmail alternatives.

Google Docs Kolab NowZohoLibre OfficeOpen OfficeMicrosoft Office iCloud (iOS and macOS)Google Drive DropboxSyncOneDriveiCloud (iOS and macOS)Android Messenger/Chat Samsung Messages (Samsung devices only)Telegram, SignalSlackFB messengerWhatsAppApple Messages (iOS and macOS)Google Maps MapQuestBing MapsHere.

comOpenStreetMapWaze (Owned by Google)Maps (iOS, MacOS)Google HangoutsSkypeTelegramFB messengerWhatsAppFacetime (iOS)Google Pay PaypalVenmoSamsung Pay Cash AppApple Pay (iOS only)Media Casting KodiPlexYouTubeThere is no true YouTube replacement due to the nature of the platform and the unique content hosted on it, but there are a few respectable alternatives and ways to use YouTube without having to give Google tons of data, all of which we detail in our How To Quit Google guide.

AdvertisementGoogle StadiaGoogle’s upcoming game streaming platform, Stadia, isn’t available just yet, but it’ll be here soon. We cover alternative marketplaces for mobile games in the next section, but when it comes to specifically streaming console and PC games, here are your current options: PlayStation NowGeForce NowSteam Link (Stream your Steam games from your.


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